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BackBeat are renowned for their imaginative programmes that combine elements of four strands:

• Recent works for the genre (including many commissioned by themselves) e.g.
Sukeroku - Roger Marsh
Tigida Pipa - Stephen Montague
SwitchBack - Jim Pywell
As soon as you have the impulse to do something...stop - Ed Bennett

• Older works by early percussion composers/pioneers e.g.
Living Room Music - John Cage
Double music - Lou Harrison/John Cage

• Music composed by members of the group e.g.
Okavango a fanfare for four African Djembes - Damien Harron
Gear Train - Damien Harron
Rebounds for basketballs and bongos - Damien Harron
Cross Talk - Richard Charles

• Music from traditional sources from around the world e.g.
Bangiza for mbira - Trad. Zimbabwean

By combining these elements, BackBeat crosses boundaries and unites art and entertainment in an accessible and enjoyable way. They perform many works, in particular those that are theatrical and visual in nature and as a result can perform concerts to entertain any audience.